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Did Someone Say Local-Multiplayer?

Is there anything more satisfying that defeating epic monsters and raiding forts with a friend or family member? We didn't think so. Here at Righteous Weasel, we have created a family friendly version of local multiplayer. Now, regardless of your age, you can engage in the action by joining the main character as a side-kick.

Multiplayer fun!

As the side-kick, you can help fight off monsters, solve puzzles, and even compete with Player 1 in friendly loot-grabbing competitions. The first to 1000 loot gets a crown and some bragging rights, and believe me, it's good to be the king.

Up to 4 local players competing for the crown!

Get lost? Can't find Player 1? Don't worry, with our recovery system, side-kicks cannot stray away for too long until they are warped back to Player 1. This allows our younger players to play with older siblings and they can both still enjoy the experience! So, older siblings, let your younger brothers and sisters play with you, it won't hurt you at all. (I know the pain of being a younger sibling)

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