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Act Fast, Gain Loot! - New Event System

The land of Eternia can be a scary place. Good thing you are well equipped with spells, swords, and shields. Unfortunately, the people of Eternia aren't so fortunate. So when you see a citizen in need, it is up to you to jump in and save them! Don't worry, there is always loot involved!

When you see an event get triggered, jump into the action to see what the task is.

Event Starting

The event can be anything from: Defend the flag, Eliminate all enemies, Eliminate a Target, Outlast enemy waves, Retake a Fort, and more!

Event in Progress

Survive the event and complete the objectives to earn ridiculous amounts of loot!

Event Won!

More important than the loot, you get to walk away and be satisfied, knowing that you have saved some innocent civilians from Ramdon's evil plot!

Stay tuned for more snapshots, updates, and videos for Eterenal Edge!

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